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Recognizing that each family and school negotiate practices that are grounded in uniqueness, context, and experience, I no longer ask, “Are you engaged?” but instead explore the question of, “How are you engaged?”

Engaged family member, educator, researcher, I share anecdotes, experiences, and practices related to  family and school engagement, gathered over many years as a child, a sister, an aunt, a mother, a grandmother, an educator, and a researcher in the field of family engagement.

Each Note to School introduces the overriding theme, presents family voices often heard in the field, and opens a conversation about family-school engagement. Reflective questions, followed by evidence-based strategies, explore positive ways of engaging families and schools in meaningful and authentic partnership in various contexts.


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  1. John Howard says:

    We appreciate the “conversations” that your blog has already precipitated in our organization regarding family-school engagement. We have circulated the link to our entire national team and look forward to future “anecdotes, experiences, and practices” that will challenge our purviews and better inform our efforts to renew the WTK program and its mission to “bring together families, school, and community agencies to support children as they enter kindergarten.”

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